Jul 1, 2013

My Goals Are...

So this is not the actual post for today however I thought I'd come and share my goals which I came up with which I will complete (speak it into existence, lol) by December 31. 

At first I wasn't sure I wanted to put my business out there cause to some my goals might seem trivial, insignificant, or too easy to even bother put down as a goal. However I am where I am right now in life and my circumstance are what they are and I don't have to be ashamed about that, cause guess what? God's not through with me yet

So for those of you just tuning in, on June 21, I encouraged you my lovely readers to set 5 goals for yourself that could be either for the next quarter, until the end of year or whichever time period you found appropriate. I advised that you set a financial goal, a career goal, a personal growth goal, a "bucket list" goal, and a family related goal. You could do more if you'd like, but I thought this was a good number to start with.  For more on this, please refer to the June 21, 2013 post.

So without further ado, here goes:

Finance - I want to save $500-$1000 in one of my savings accounts
I have a number of accounts, but there's one particular one where I want to have that amount saved up. I'm not going to lie and say I haven't been greatly financially challenged since I moved out of my parents house. I've had some not so bad days, and some really bad days, but I just declare that I'm done living from pay-check to pay-check! This is a relatively small financial goal, however I'm not setting myself up to fail :)

Courtesy of lifewithamission.com
Career - Get a promotion
I'm straight up going to ask my manager what I need to do to make this happen. If I need to apply for a new job, so be it. I have a salary in mind tied to this goal, however I'll keep that part to myself, lol.  

Personal Growth - Finish reading 3 books
I've confessed before in previous posts that I'm an expert at starting books but not finishing them, so by Dec 31, I want to have finished 3 books. One business/career related, one fiction/novel, and one "self-help" motivational book. 

Bucket List - Travel to the US twice
Traveling and seeing the world period is on my bucket list and I know living in Canada the US is just around the corner. However as I mentioned in my finance related goal, I've been financially challenged, and I don't just want to go and not be able to enjoy myself, i.e. shopping, lol. So Pittsburgh is on the list as my family are diehard Steelers fans and go once a year (with the exception of last year). Then I want to go somewhere in the States I've never been. Don't know where yet.

Family - Take our annual family portrait 
This goal sounds trivial, but since my youngest son was born (May 2012), we haven't taken any family portrait. Not that it's that costly, but it's just been one of those things that fell on the back-burner and wasn't a priority and therefore never got done. Well I'm done procrastinating and I'm done with the excuses, lol.

So there you have it. Hopefully this will get some of you guys going with your own goals. Remember it doesn't have to be mountain-moving goals. Not saying it can't be, but just start off somewhere if you've found it hard to set and complete goals in the past. You can always get more elaborate and extravagant next year. By then you'll have the taste of success of having completed your present goals :)  Good Luck!

Bless & Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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