Jul 6, 2013

May the Joy be with You!

The weekend is in full swing, and in the entertainment world the Essence Music festival is going down in New Orleans and Kevin Hart seemingly can do no wrong. With a new movie out that's doing great and his birthday just the other day, he's sitting pretty. Today's birthday is also none other than Tia & Tamera. I loved watching them growing up, and now that they're grown, I still get entertained by their new show. 

The bible says that we should rejoice with those who are rejoicing (Rom 12:15), so I join in with everyone celebrating life for various reasons and praise God for your successes, your accomplishments, and most of all for God extending and sparing your life yet another year. So to all my July ladies (& gents), I wish you a very Happy Birthday!! Xoxo

Courtesy of kootation.com
Another reason I choose to rejoice is because earlier today I read Joel Osteen's facebook post where he shared "Complaining only delays better days. But when you praise, God steps in to fight your battles for you." With that said, I'm praising not only for y'all, but I'm praising Him all the way to my victory!

Whatever's weighing you down, making you sad, upset or depressed. Try your darnedest to put those negative feelings aside, and get your praise on. I tell you, you will feel so much better, even if only momentarily. The more you do it, the more joy will consume you and your dark clouds will soon be a thing of the past.

Bless & Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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