Jul 5, 2013

Don't Grow Weary

It's fantastic Friday! Hope everyone had a beautiful week. I know with independence day a number of American readers had both Thursday and Friday off, so for y'all it's a really long (but awesome) weekend :)

I pray that this weekend holds nothing but joy for you guys while also being productive. During the week I usually don't have much spare time, because of work, to get personal things done. Whether it be around the house, or working on crossing off that list of goals we wrote on July 1st, lol. 

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However I find my mind giving the excuse that the weekend is my time to rest-up and to deal with "chores ", to-do lists, later. So if I'm too busy and tired during the week, and I feel the need to rest-up during the weekend, when am I chipping away at those drams and goals?

Your pursuit towards what it is you want in life, has to be greater than any obstacle you may face. The enemy will try to discourage you and make you think that all your efforts are pointless. 

Don't grow weary, but instead keep pushing toward the mark, your destiny, your purpose. 

Bless and Love Ya'll!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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