Jun 9, 2013

The I in Parenthood

So my toddler decided to wake me up at 5 am!! On a Saturday!! He's never done that before, but needless to say, I was NOT impressed. Kids are cute and all, but boy do they challenge you in every way possible.

Some women identify themselves as a parent. That is how they identify themselves and their sole purpose is simply to nurture and see their children grow up to their potential.

Now don't get me wrong, I am blessed and privileged to be a mother, and yes that is part of who and what I am. However, that's not all I am. There is a Violette who doesn't change diapers or sterilize bottles and take my sons to their baseball game. That Violette has dreams & goals and tasks to do to achieve those, that aren't directly linked to my kids.

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As any parent knows, everything I do affects my children, and God willing, all I do has only positive effects on them. It's important for your children though to see that you take care of yourself. They need to know that you have set a value on not only them, but also yourself. What you value, you take care of. 

Scheduling time to write out a business plan or do necessary research, (and once in a while, just go to the spa to rejuvenate) teaches your children that there's a time and place for everything. We can play hard, but guess what? Gotta work hard too. A happy mom makes for happy children, so never feel guilty for prioritizing yourself once in a while.

Bless and Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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