May 5, 2013

Why You Should Celebrate

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all my Mexican ladies!! Although Canada doesn't quite observe the day, I know some of you south of the border do :) 

I know there's a party atmosphere to commemorate the occasion along with learning more about the history and culture of Mexico. So in the spirit of celebrating I want to celebrate each and everyone of you.

I want to celebrate your achievements, your triumphs, what you've overcome and conquered, and the strength and knowledge you've gained along the way.

There's a saying that says you should only look back to see how far you've come. In doing that, celebrate life. For today, don't focus on how far you still have to go on your journey, just enjoy the place you're at right now.

If you say, "I haven't conquered anything" or "I haven't even started my journey to look back at anything", I could probably beg to differ, however not knowing everyone's individual stories and circumstances, I'll let you have that one misconception (for now, lol). What I want you to do though is celebrate your life and the plans and vision you do have for it, even if the wheels to achieve these have not been set in motion yet. 

If you're reading this, you have breath, you have life, and best yet, you have the potential to make the rest of your days, the best of your days :)  God bless you lovelies!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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