May 14, 2013

Love Thy Neighbor

Hey guys!! I'm really trying to come up with a viable schedule now that I'm back at work. Days are definitely longer now, but I'm not complaining. It feels good to be back at it. 

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I hope you guys had a pleasant and productive day. And if you were able to make someone else's day just as pleasant, more power to you.

In this quest for a more purposeful life, it's important to not be too self-centered, but remember that our purpose also serves a greater good. 

My neighbor today offered to lend us his van whenever we need the extra trunk space (after seeing me pull up in a cab with a load of groceries). Keep in mind he just moved in about a month ago or so, but he said that that's what neighbors are for. Caught me by surprise, that's for sure. It's funny (actually it's rather sad) that kind gestures are so rare nowadays that when someone goes out of their way, we second guess them and ultimately think they have ulterior motives. 

Give it a try tomorrow and just pass on a kind gesture. You never know the impact or chain effect it can have. It reminds me of the "drive thru difference" I read about a while ago, where the person at the cashier paid for the order of the person behind. Imagine the surprise and joy of driving up, getting ready to pay, and your meal is already paid for. Such a small gesture, but with a great impact :)

Bless and Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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