Apr 13, 2013

Live to Inspire

What's your inspiration? What motivates you? Moves you? I mentioned the other day that my absolute joy is music. I LOVE it. For whatever reason however, I'd forgotten just how much, until I was watching Celebration of
Gospel the other day. Before, when I was happy, I'd listen to music, when I was sad, I'd listen to music. Whatever mood I was in, there was always a song to match that feeling or a song to cheer me up. That still holds true today, but I guess life's busy moments had somehow allowed me to forget.

So just today a friend recommended some online Christian radio stations that I can get on my iPhone via the Tune-in App. Because my phone's with me 24/7, this new app allows me to get inspired on the go, whenever the moment calls for it. 

So again I ask you, what inspires you? Take a minute to figure that out, unless you already know that is. Why bother you ask? Having a source of inspiration will ultimately lead to fulfillment. Being and feeling inspired brings you joy, and being happy is what life's about (in addition to a number of other things).

Most of us are inspired by more than one thing, it could even be a person.
What's amazing is, when we are in  a state of feeling inspired, we have the ability to pass it on and inspire others. Knowing that you can be the difference in someone else's life is a far greater sense of purpose and fulfillment than anything else. So with that, be inspired. 

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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