Apr 21, 2013

I AM...

Just wrapped up editing and posting my second YouTube video which I'll link on the sight later. It's really late (as usual) and I was waiting for the video to finish uploading which took about 2 hours for a 6 minute video!! (cray cray if you ask me). It's HD quality though and they do say it takes a lot longer to upload in HD. 

Anyways, church was amazing as usual and I find that I'm re-learning about all the stories in the old testament. I don't know about you, but when I was younger Sunday school often centered about these stories and people in the OT, however lately I found that many pastors where "preaching" rather than teaching if that makes any sense.

Remember how I said yesterday that joy comes in the morning? Well it did! :)  I've had a productive day today which included helping my son ride his bike, something he's a beginner at. He can ride it, however he still wiggles way to much for my comfort (and his as he'll fall down as soon as the wiggling gets out of hand, lol). We're getting there though. My goal is to make him a seasoned biker by the time the temperatures warm up for real. (I say for real because lately it'll warm up for about a quarter of a day, then go back to freezing temperatures, making me want to get my gloves and scarf out, smh). 

With that said I hope your weekend was fabulous and that the week ahead will be even more splendid. Today's take away is simply, speak positive and good over your life. Be blessed!

Stay Pretty & Precious,

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