Mar 31, 2013

Peace on Earth

It's Easter Sunday!! I truly hope you've had an awesome day and weekend. I had a lovely day that started out with church and then home to start dinner prepping. I'm glad to say I'm stuffed and so is everyone else.

The message at church today was; because He lived and died, we have Peace, Purpose and Promise.  I'd like to piggyback that message and give you my rendition of what these 3 words mean to me.

Be at peace knowing that, as I touched on yesterday, God's got your back. Your life is in his hands. No need to worry, no need to fret. You might say or think that it's easier said than done. Well then I have to ask, what has worrying done for you lately? Other than possibly raise your blood pressure or keep you up at night, when did worrying ever solve anything? So if it's not part of the solution, I'd gladly chose peace.

Purpose is what life's all about. Figuring out your purpose, and then living in it I think is the main goal out of life. Knowing that you have a purpose is something I fervently want each and everyone of you to know and realize. Like they say, knowing is half the battle. You can't seek out and live out your purpose unless you're aware you have one. Or rather, you might already be living in your purpose, or a certain aspect of it, however until you become aware, the joy, fulfillment and passion for what you do wont be the same.

Then there's promise. God promises to be with you and I until forever. You can find His promises in His word. Read it, familiarize yourself with it, and stand on it. God is not man that He should lie, remember that.

Stay Pretty & Precious,

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