Mar 30, 2013

Family Fun

Just finish playing monopoly with the fam and oh my, my husband does not play. Even with our 8 year old, he's negotiating hard, and poor Isaiah (my 8 year old) didn't know that giving up Boardwalk, and
consequently giving hubby a monopoly was the beginning of the end. But might as well I guess because that game can go on for hours.

This weekend for me is all about family and just remembering the goodness of God. Regardless of our current circumstance, we're alive. And if you'll allow, God can grant you peace. A peace that surpasses all understanding. Peace, knowing that it's already done, that the victory is already yours.

If Easter isn't a religious holiday in your household, I hope you enjoy the time off with family and friends all the same. Break out those nice, bright and colorful garments for the occasion (as neon colors are trending this spring) and enjoy!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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