Mar 15, 2013

Happy Pills?

I'm getting at y'all late today. I haven't really been feeling inspirational today, actually been kind of crummy. Nothing in particular, just one of those days you know when you're just not in the mood for anything.

So how do you inspire when you're not inspired? Good question. I actually googled it, lol. (Google has everything). The answers I found I'm sure could've worked but I just wasn't up for it. But then I came across a cute quote by an 8-year old girl that said: "If you're feeling blue - try painting yourself a different colour." It made me smile and I realized (or remembered rather, cause I knew this already) that we choose our thoughts. I can and will only have a "blah" day if I allow my emotions to remain in that state. And no lie, sometimes it feels "good" to not care and just have an "off" day.
But being happy feels so much better.

So having said that, I hope you all had joyous day. After all it's Friday :)

Be Blessed!!

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