Mar 28, 2013


Today God proved Himself ever faithful in my life. God even cares about the minor details that mean a lot to you and me. As you now Easter is around the corner and there was some dinner dishes that my family wanted to buy, just to make Easter dinner that much more special. However due to some unforeseen events and bank errors our account was short of funds.

In speaking with the bank, they recognized their error and in addition to rectifying and refunding the payment,  they also reversed some other fees as a courtesy for the inconvenience over this Easter holiday. Now I don't know about your bank, but mine is not in the habit of reversing their fees which have been correctly applied and charged. So after all is said and done, we're in a surplus of funds :) With the extra money we were able to buy the dinner items that we wanted and still be in a surplus. And for that I just have to say, God is good!

I want you to know and trust God to do and be the same in your life. I know there are times when we might feel "disappointed" and that God is "late" in responding to our prayers. However as you may have heard before, God is always on time. So don't give up or loose faith, but trust that He's got your best interest at heart.

Stay Pretty & Precious,

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