Mar 17, 2013


Sometimes I'm unsure of what to share with you guys and I would love to hear from you regarding anything at all. You can reach me at

I just want to share what happened to me today, and what's been going through my thoughts. I've mentioned before that I live in Canada but that my family (apart from my kids and hubby) live in Sweden. It was my dream and conscious choice to move out here alone to pursue my personal goals and dreams, however it hasn't all been smooth sailing. Although Canada has become home, I get homesick (for Sweden) every now and then. There have even been low days when I just want to pack up my crew and board the next flight out of here. Ain't no place like my mama's :)

So at church today the message regarded Elisha and how he was called by God, which involved making difficult choices, sacrifices, and commitment. The minister also mentioned that ones calling will always be confirmed in one way or another. For me this was my confirmation. My decision to move to North America and all the sacrifices that that's entailed is not in vain. I'm still not 100% on what that purpose is, but in my soul I know I'm supposed to be here, and that feels reassuring and awesome.

What I want to leave you with is to ask for that confirmation for yourself. Whether it regards to your career, relocation or relationships. If there's an aspect of your life that you question, ask for some kind of confirmation. There's always signs that present themselves, we just have to be open to see them, and so I hope that you'll have that clarity and certainty in your life.

Stay Blessed!

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