Mar 25, 2013

Bold, Beautiful & Bodacious... Holly R Peete

So as I promised in a previous post, each month I'm going to focus on a strong, positive, and incredible woman. I'll simply highlight certain key things that they have accomplished along with a mini bio. My reason for these monthly posts is to inspire and encourage us to know what is doable and possible to achieve. At times we want to do more but we don't know what. Hopefully these posts will get our heads and ideas spinning so we can do more, be more, feel more, and LIVE more :)  (P.S., These posts will be a little bit longer than usual, but worth the read).

Founder of the "HollyRod Foundation", Mrs Holly Elizabeth Robinson Peete, has been in the entertainment industry nearly all her life. Mostly known for her roles in "21 Jump Street" and "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper", Holly's first role was on the very first episode of "Sesame Street" where her dad was producer and portrayed (the original) Gordon.

Married to former NFL player, Rodney Peete, her and her husband have 4 children, the oldest who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. After her dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, the couple co-founded the HollyRod Foundation which is dedicated to provide medical, physical and emotional support to those affected by autism and Parkinson's.

Her accolades further include a number of philanthropic endeavors, a new lifestyle brand of products offering everything from women's clothing, beauty products, home decor and pet products. She's also added singer to her resume by recording theme songs for a couple of TV shows and movies.

As you can tell Holly R Peete has managed to accomplish quite a bit for a 48 year old, and I didn't choose Ms Peete to make us feel like underachievers. On the contrary I wanted to show how someone's used adversity to rise above and give back.

Granted, she may have had a rather fortunate beginning to her life and career, however being famous (or rich) doesn't make you immune to life's challenges. I also wanted to show that although she financially is in a position to sit back, kick her feet up, and just focus on her family, she has a desire to make a difference and accomplish certain goals for herself. An awesome quote I read says "Don't be pushed by your problems, but be led by your dreams". Making money should never be at the forefront of your reasons to chase your dreams. Making money should be a nice bonus. When you do what you love (your passion), you'd gladly do it for free.

Be led by your dreams ladies, do what you've always wanted to do. Ignore the naysayers who think it's not worth the time, think you're being "too" much and should just be happy with what you've got. Ignore the voice in your head that says you can't do it, it's too hard, it's pointless. Not to say it's going to be easy, but dear, it will be worth your while.


Stay Blessed!

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