Mar 11, 2013

Be Your Own Superhero

Happy Monday! I hope your week started out great. Monday's are traditionally seen as the hardest day of the week, but I say it's all in your mind. Change your mindset and your expectations and your reality will have to follow suit.

Speaking of reality (or lack thereof, lol), I saw a cute picture of a superhero that's inspired today's post. The image to the left reminded me that I am my best advocate, just like you are your best advocate. 

When the going gets though, the tough get going. You need to be tough and ready & willing to do whatever it takes. It's great to have someone to cheer you on and push you. But reality is, that someone is not always there, and it's in those instances that you need be brave enough to go for it anyway. I don't know what it is you've always wanted to do, but too afraid to. I don't know what that still voice inside of you is telling you to change in your life, but you do. I know that we sometimes try to ignore what we know we need to do, and hope that either someone else does it, or that the voice simply decides to shut-up. But if you've been called for something, then only you can fulfill that purpose the way it was meant to.

Don't be scared, be encouraged, be brave, be your own hero.

As always, stay blessed!!

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