Feb 7, 2013

New Beginnings...

Today marks the kickoff of New York Fashion Week, now  referred to as the Mercedes-Benz Fashion week.  The who's-who in fashion and entertainment will find their way to New York to view the latest trends and styles.  The show will host designers as they debut their 2013 Fall and Winter collections.

I always found it odd that although we're in winter still, and most of us are at the most looking to revive our summer wardrobe, trying to suppress that winter will come again, lol. (I really can't stand the cold winter).  But nope, designers have been planning and plotting their take on what will be trending 7-9 months from now.  It got me thinking on how designers are constantly looking ahead and planning for the next and best new thing.

So why not us? I recently moved, and my kids have been forced to change their school.  My oldest son was NOT impressed or keen on the idea at all, but I tried to convince him that he may possibly love his new school more than the old one.  New beginnings don't have to be awful. Look at it like new fashion trends, we look forward to them and welcome them with open arms (and unfortunately open wallets, lol). He's trying his hardest to put on a smile, and I know he'll be just fine. (First day is this coming Monday).

I recently heard a saying that 'new beginnings are often disguised as painful endings'.  If we realize this then perhaps the ending of one era won't be as painful and allows us to anticipate and look forward to all the great things the new era has to bring :)

Needless to say, I will not be attending Fashion Week as the event is by invitation only. However I'll catch what I can on TV while enjoying the comfort of my couch and comfy slippers. (Always look at the bright side)


  1. Ska han byta skola?? Jag saknar typ fortf Johannes skola

  2. Yup, idag var första dan i nya skolan :) Han har inte kommit hem än så vi får se hur det gick. Jag saknar också Johannes, speciellt när jag ser några på fb och vi snackar där som om det var igår. MEN, jag tänker då också på hur mycket jag lärde mig från Södermalm Kyrkans Skola. I mean what if you'd never met your bestie? Cause I mean, she's your ride or die girl, and friends like that don't grow on trees.