Feb 8, 2013

Snow Day!

Today's a 'snow day' here in Toronto.  A snow day is when schools are closed due to heavy snow. They're expecting 15-25 cm of snow to grace us with its presence :(  Apparently this snow storm has hit much of the north-east coast. The kids aren't complaining, in fact they're rejoicing, lol.  No school and all play for them.  Most adults aren't too happy though.  Snow day for us implies, a heck of a commute to work (like 110x longer) and freezing your butt off while shoveling the driveway.

The drastic difference in how this day is viewed by kids compared to adults has me believing that they've mastered the art of turning lemons into lemonade.  They get to have snowball fights, make snow angels and go sledding. But if you think about, so can we (after work that is), or better yet, take a vacation (or sick) day and stay home with the kids.

What's the key difference maker in lemonade? Sugar, right? What words come to mind when you think about sugar? I can think of sweet, good, nice... I don't know anyone who doesn't like something sweet.  So if we adults can find something sweet or good or nice about snow days, then maybe, just maybe, we've made us some lemonade :)

I'm personally sipping on a nice cup of hot tea and watching the movie 'Flight' as I type this. The driveway (and the snow, for that matter) will still be there tomorrow. By then the storm will be over so I won't feel like I'm shoveling in vain :)

Have a good day folks, and be safe out there, specially on the roads.

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