Jan 7, 2015

A week into the New Year - How to Stay Motivated

How to be persistent in goalsGood morning guys!! Just got up about an hour ago, fed the kids, grabbed a glass of lemon water and figured I better bang this post out now. Because before you know it, it's 6pm and I've got to start getting ready to head out for bible study tonight.

So we're a week into the new year. What do you think so far? Has the novelty of it all worn off? I've got to say I've managed to remain focused thus far, (granted it's only been a week, lol). I find though that many times we have all these hopes and dreams, and once Monday comes, when the kids go back to school, and the holidays are over for real, it's easy to get discouraged when our lives aren't miraculously changed all of a sudden. 

For some reason we think it will happen in an instance just because the calendar shows a new year, and the realization that some persistency is required proves to much work for some, and thus the cliché, "new year, new me" is now proven to be nothing but just that, a cliché. 

I was listening to Napoleon Hill's "Laws of Success" yesterday and in the opening 5 minutes he states his famous quote:

What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve

You have to believe for more that 5 minutes though, and believe it or not, more than a week too, lol. Regardless of how many times you fail, you've got to keep believing that you can achieve whatever it is you're wanting to. That persistency (coupled with action, we've been over this here, lol) is what will cause you to succeed. 

So how do we stay motivated and in action when we fail and get discouraged? You need a strong enough reason to do it anyway. Your WHY you get up in the morning, your WHY you set the goal to begin with. Your WHY needs to be important enough that late nights, long hours, inconvenient circumstances, freezing winter days, sweltering summers days, come what may, doesn't matter or phase you to change or give up on your goals. 

If I want to loose weight to fit into a bikini this summer to get a cute guy, I might give up after a month and reason God will give me a man that loves me no matter what size I am. However if I want to loose weight so I can keep up with my kids, motivate a child who's trying to make it onto to the soccer team, be healthy enough to see and enjoy my grandkids, you get the picture. Who's more likely to stick to their guns? 

Figure out your why, then write it down. Whenever you feel like quitting, whip out that piece paper and re-commit, re-charge, re-hustle :)

Bless & Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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