Mar 5, 2014

Be Still & Let Your Nail Polish Dry

Hey guys!

So ladies, nail care is something that means more to some than others and todays post is about getting beauty from...well, just waiting. Wether you're into nails & beauty or not, I believe you'll get something out of this post.

Waiting for nail polish to dry can be a drag which I'm sure a number of you can attest to. I don't know about you but those polishes that promise to dry in 60 seconds, never really do.  I end up finding some kind of in-print or dent in my polish when I think it's dry after a minute or 2.

This post title is actually the title of a book by Andrea Boeshaar et al. which consists of devotionals (incl. scripture and prayers) which busy women from every walk of life can find useful. And it's in the spirit of this book that I actually want to touch on the benefits of slowing down and even being still every now and then.

The results of keeping busy while waiting for our polish to dry usually ends with botched nails, having looked better and been better off had we never bothered to begin with. And the same principle can be applied to life.

It's in the haste of things that we tend to miss out on the beauty that life has to offer. You know the saying stop and smell the roses. Well there's merit to that. A word that some of us need to practice every now and then (also happens to be my toddlers favorite word) is 'no'. It's OK! Trust me, the world won't fall apart if you once in a while prioritize yourself, even if it is to do "nothing". Meditation has proven benefits, as does devoted prayer time for that matter. 

So the next time you paint those beautiful nails, take the time out to enjoy a book, enjoy the silence, day-dream, simply BE in touch with yourself, your spirit, and give thanks to God for the beautiful things in your life. 

"Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty,
God shines forth" (Ps 50:2 ESV)

Bless & Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 


  1. That book sounds like what I need! I sometimes get super busy and barely have time for my devotional. I need more time to be still and stop stressing.

    x x

  2. I can relate to that. On Christmas day I had to paint my nails like 7 times because they didn't dry fast enough so I kept messing them up. I ended up painting them while driving to my in laws' house.