May 22, 2013

Keep Pushing!

Hump-day!!! Lol. I should stop acting like I only live for the weekends when heaven knows I barely do anything special during them. Each day is a gift and I should treasure them more as such.

So I'm in the midst of the 30-day squat challenge. I figured after baby and all I should try and firm up, tone up and get back to me. I'm about half way in and it's getting tough. I almost want to quit. According to the schedule I should have done 120 squats today but I've only done 70. I know... I need to be more disciplined. 

Self-discipline applies to a number of areas in our lives. Things aren't always easy, but you have to push yourself if you want to see results. Our prayer life is an area where perseverance and keeping at it truly pays off.

I've been guilty of diligently praying and asking God for something. And after not seeing results within a week or so, I'll still pray, but perhaps not as diligently. 

We have been accustomed to immediate or close to immediate results in life. Heaven forbid if the browser takes more than 5 seconds to load a page or if we have to wait for our fast food for more than 2 minutes. (Hence the name fast food I guess). Point is, consistency is key. Keep praying, keep pushing, keep running, and keep on believing
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You can have what you want and what you pray about.  Just don't give in and never give up.

Bless and Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious,

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