May 16, 2013

American Idol, Scandal - TV at its Best or Worst

Hey y'all! Hope you're having a wonderful day. We're gearing up for a long weekend over here in Canada. On Monday it's Victoria Day when we celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria, the first monarch to reign over Canada. I don't personally have any plans, kinda wish I did though, lol.

I will say though I'm so glad tomorrow's Friday. My first week back at work has been... well, good and bad, lol. All good work-wise, but my sleep-life needs to be on a more rigid schedule. 

Currently watching the season finally of Scandal. LOVE that show. Today was also the season finale of Grey's Anatomy and American Idol. I don't watch either of those shows though. Grey's Anatomy to me is just a poor copy of ER, and I kind of gave up on Idol a while ago. It was all the same after a while. 

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With all these season endings, it lets me know that summer is here, and so is summer TV. Although summer TV sucks (apart from Master Chef. Love that show), summers are awesome! And it reminds me that even though we have good and bad seasons, there's always something good in the bad, and something bad in the good. 

Whether the good is part of the smaller or bigger picture, never discredit all that that particular season brought you and taught you. Stay positive :)

Bless & Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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