Mar 7, 2013

Be Present

Today's been a decent day, I got some sleep last which always helps. Lately I've been thinking though that I can't wait until my baby grows up. There are just some days that are tougher than others. It doesn't help that I was sick and tiered because my responsibilities don't stop or take a break.

Watching a YouTube video earlier today though reminded me to always be present. It's hard sometimes when you're longing for better days. I think just finding small pleasures, little victories in every day, helps us appreciate today.

I think I briefly touched on being grateful for today in a previous post relating to the Law of Attraction, and how being appreciative for what you have allows you to attract more things to be grateful for.

We're all a working progress, and by nature this isn't always easy. That's why the girl in the YouTube video I watched had a sign above her vanity mirror that stated "Be Present" to always remind her. Perhaps this is something we could try.

Have a pleasant evening guys!


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