Feb 10, 2013

One week of Blogging!!

I want to start off by apologizing for not getting around to post anything yesterday (other than the small article) as I'd intended.  My day yesterday proceeded to be not so pleasant.  I found myself exhaling a LOT as a way to  'woosah' and calm down. You'll be surprised at how good a deep breath will do you.

Having said that, I tried to find little things throughout the day that I was thankful for, instead of everything else that was pissing me off. The Law of Attraction states that the more you're appreciative, the more things to be appreciative about will come your way.  So one thing I was thankful for was that my 8 month old was napping while I had my dinner which let me eat in PEACE. (He's always grabbing and wanting to eat off my plate, lol). Another thing, which I actually read somewhere was how great and convenient escalators are. For some reason I found it funny, and so whenever I'm blue, I remember that, and it makes me smile for a minute at least. The things that we have to be thankful for ARE there, and focusing on that keeps one out of a 'woe is me' attitude, which is a downward spiral I've found myself in before. And trust, a pity party doesn't do ANY good, nor does it solve your problem(s).

Anyhow, on to todays intended post, I've blogged for an entire week!! No biggie to some, but for me this is actually an achievement.  I'm the type of person who sometimes worries about what others will think and say.  I've always been apprehensive about blogging because I feared no one would read it.  As my first post also states, I had no clue in which direction this blog was going. But I just STARTED and that's something that applies to other areas in our lives too. Like Nike said 'Just DO it'. Don't worry about every little detail, overcome your fears and doubts, don't over think, just believe that the urge in your gut will carry you through, and it WILL.  Me blogging was nothing that I'd been pondering, but when the urge came, literally just an hour before my first post, I went with it. It was Super Bowl Sunday and I had other things to do, but I knew if I don't start now, it will never happen.  My blog now has a direction and a purpose I believe.  Where this will lead and what doors God will open as a result, I don't know, but He does!  And that keeps me going :)

Stay blessed!

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