Feb 4, 2013

After All Is Said & Done

The Superbowl is now over and all the anticipation and excitement along with it. The confetti rain has been swept away and all that's left is an empty stadium. So now what?

Well after some well deserved r&r, the players will go back to preparing and training for the new season and once again have their eye on the prize. I found that in life we sometimes too have a goal that becomes 'our sole purpose' of living and consumes us so, that once we've achieved that goal we can easily find ourselves feeling restless or worse yet, simply living haphazardly. 

Take a girls wedding day for instance. Many plan for their big day for up to two years, and every free minute in the day goes to looking over every little detail of that big day. Much like the NFL players spent the entire year strategizing on how to pave their way to the Superbowl. 

After the wedding (and honeymoon), brides have free time to do whatever they please. Seeing as planning another wedding is out of the question (unless they work as a wedding planner), what should the focus be on? Whatever the choice, I believe that it's important to always have a goal in life that we strive towards.

It doesn't have to be major or life-altering like remodeling your kitchen, but could be as 'simple' as organizing your tupperware (and aiming to keep it organized).  Point being, constantly strive and work towards bettering yourself and your surroundings. I'm personally, while on maternity leave, working on organizing my home. I've never been the 'housewife' type, but I'm trying to embrace the role while on mat-leave.  I love watching HGTV and the Food Network, but that's were it used to end, lol. I've now dusted off my food processor/baking machine and put it to good use. On more than one occasion I might add :)  This is how I'm personally aiming to be a more fabulous me.

'Til next time, stay chic (classy, sophisticated, glamorous, without being a pushover, and without being flashy)

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