Oct 27, 2014

Hard Work Pays Off - Find the Silver Lining

Hey Lovies!!!

So I think I'm settled on this template. What do y'all think? It's definitely more subtle than the previous template. But honestly, I needed a change to renew my enthusiasm and love for this blog. Things just weren't on and popping as I wanted before, and no matter how much I told myself " I'm back at it, for REAL this time" lol, it just wasn't happening. 

In terms of content, not much is changing. I'm still here to grind whatever positivity I can out of whatever lays ahead :)

Organize closet
Have you ever felt the need for a makeover? No lie, it does wonders! Lol. Try it! It can be anything really too. Try reorganizing your closet, purge it, get new matching hangers, and sort your clothes according to style and colour, I promise, getting ready in the morning will never be the same.

html coding difficulties
I realize cleaning, dusting, sorting, purging etc may not be the most enjoyable task ever (but then again it might be your vice, lol), but the reward is worth it. Re-designing this blog was a bit of a drag at first, but then you kinda, sorta get hooked, and it's all that's on your mind until it's all done. Anyone been there? Share your do-over or makeover in the comments below, I'd love to hear it :)

So with that out of way, we can get back to having FUN! 

I still love y'all & appreciate everyone for sticking around and being patient with me :)

'Til next time, 

Stay Pretty & Precious,

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