Jul 21, 2013

Your Word - A Light Unto My Path

Happy Sunday y'all! Hope you've had a blessed day! Today I simply want to echo on what I got out of my Sunday service. It's all about the word!

All that we do, every answer we seek, all the encouragement, inspiration, counseling, affirmation, you name it, can be found in the word of God.

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A lot of times we look for these answers elsewhere and if it's wrapped up with a pretty bow, all the better. Preachers (not all) are struggling to find any way they can to make service entertaining and are more about the 'preaching' than the teaching. 

We want to leave church on a high like we just left a party, and nothing wrong with that, but wisdom and knowledge about the word is what will have a lasting effect on your life. That high on life feeling only lasts so long unless it's grounded in something of substance. 

How do you know what you are, what you can do, and everything else the bible says about you if you never read it? I think we're all guilty of reading too little of God's word, but as I said on Friday, even the enemy can quote it, so we need to step our game up.

Hearing this word in church today was a confirmation of what was laid on my spirit on Friday, and furthermore it's telling me that I really need to schedule some bible reading time. I think there are a number of scriptures that I could speak over my life which would have me on a whole other level, and simply because I don't know it, I can't speak it. 

More importantly is what I do on here. If it's not founded on the word of God, it's all pointless. 

Bless and Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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